Monk Tamony is a New York City two piece consisting of longtime friends from the

Lower East Side scene, TJ Rosenthal and Joe Zdaa. While writing for downtown act the Bowery Riots, Rosenthal realized he had been writing a collection of songs and storylines that perhaps fit better stylistically for a band that didn't exist. 


Soon after showing the songs and concepts to Zdaa around Christmas time of 2015, they were off and running. The six song debut EP centering on the city and its colorful characters, flashbacks, and the politics of life, was subsequently released last June.


Their track "Leaders" exclusively premiered on Q Magazine as their track of the day. The video was filmed coincidentally on Super Tuesday of 2016 at Overthrow NYC. A boxing gym that was once Yippie Party headquarters. Stomping grounds for legendary political activist Abbie Hoffman. As for the boxing motif footage in connection with the song's allusion to the political climate, "you can form your own opinions on that one."


A follow up EP is part of the duo's plans for later in 2017. In the meantime, their new single "Around the City Lights (recorded by Cass McCombs producer and bassist Dan Horne at his studio, Lone Palm in Echo Park) drops March 10th. The song's fast paced bi-coastal jet setting flavor was inspired in part by the duo's changing construct. Zdaa relocated to Los Angeles in the summer of last year. 


As for the future, Rosenthal says:


 "I'm excited to see how the Monk Tamony story continues to unfold. It's a crazy time. An exciting time, but a crazy one. We are all foot soldiers of some sort. Marching to our own perceptions. 


There's so much info and content being thrown at us all day long. So much inspiration too. It's just a matter of how we each want to spend our time and how we choose to define the world we live in. 


We can't let others simply have that

control. Each and every one of us owns that right. As for Joe and I, we just plug in and take that ride. All are welcome so come join us."